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           In 1994 my uncle asked me what I thought of the internet. Without hesitation I said it would never catch on. With this level of insight, you might be surprised that ‘online research’ has become an important methodology to NEMS. There are of... [More]

    Build more houses please but just not near me! There’s a housing shortage. We hear it with such regularity that we believe it without questioning it. However, when we asked the nation they stated that the choice of houses to rent was good, the choice of houses to buy was also ... [More]

  83% of the UK population now have access to the internet and among this group a third have bought food and groceries online at some point. This is quite an achievement given that profitability for the supermarkets’ online sales is at best less than with a traditional in store custom... [More]

  Nearly 34 years ago, the first £1 coin entered circulation; its design has just been changed to a 12-sided coin which has caused people to reminisce about the old threepenny bit. Shortly after the first £1 coin was being introduced, another coin was removed from circulation name... [More]

  Can you remember the days of the 30-second advert on TV? They polarized behaviour, on the one hand some had on-going story lines that attracted a following (perhaps more so than the underlying TV programme…) such as OXO (& its family) and Nescafe Gold Blend (romance & borrow... [More]

    We’ve all seen the eye-catching promotions on the shelf-edge in the supermarkets. Buy one get one free! Well, it would be rude not too, it’s almost too good to be true especially with all this inflationary talk. However, in the next aisle your favourite product has been... [More]

    You’ve heard the lengthy terms and conditions so many time before. Calls cost x pence per minute (where x is quite high!), lines close at midnight, calls made after that may not be counted but will still be charged, please ensure you have the bill payer’s permission, bl... [More]

The customer loyalty programme has grown over recent decades as technology has made them more practical to implement. These schemes can now be found throughout consumer markets. Our latest research shows that around two-thirds of consumers engaging in one or more schemes, with many participating in... [More]

As part of NEMS ongoing development programme, a study into the use of multiple stores for household’s main food and grocery shopping trips was undertaken. This was specifically to quantify the prevalence of supplementation and substitution. The expansion of consumer choice has led to over ha... [More]

The media publicity must have paid off, three times as many people know that the new National Living Wage will be set at £7.20 an hour compared to those that know that the existing National Minimum Wage is £6.70 an hour. More than half the population want the National Living Wage to be ... [More]

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