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Here at NEMS, we recently commissioned a study (among 591 alcohol drinkers across Great Britain) into what builds alcohol brand loyalty, in addition to how open they are to switching brands; the main aim being to give insight for both drinks producers and marketing agencies into the attitudes alcohol drinkers have towards brand loyalty.

This blog is a prelude to an upcoming report detailing the findings from this study.

A recent inquiry prompted me to take a closer look at the General Lifestyle Survey, something I have not done for some time. This raised a number of issues regarding this widely used data source and also the wider implications of a topic that I rarely see addressed in the day-to-day application of r... [More]

I was in my local Asda the other day buying a lottery ticket and although I did not win millions I was pleased to see that tobacco has now been locked behind closed doors. Not a smoker myself, it still looked a bit odd to see white cupboard doors covering what was once a vibrant display of tobacco p... [More]

Readers of my previous blog (The Housing Benefit Revolution: More Research Needed?) will be aware of the government’s recent changes to Housing Benefit. You may also be aware that Housing Benefit is paid directly to the tenant and not to the landlord; however... [More]

There has been a lot in the news recently regarding changes to housing benefit. From a cap on the amount paid dependent on the property size, to the change in housing benefit for single applicants aged up to 35. Previously only single applicants aged up to 25 had their housing benefit calculated on... [More]

The credit crunch at the end of 2007 was the starting point of a financial meltdown in mid 2008, which later became a global recession; and now some financial experts are warning that we are heading into a "dangerous phase" and on the brink of a "double dip" recession. Since January 2002 NEMS ma... [More]

Health ministers, healthcare professionals and cancer charities are all in agreement about the importance of symptom awareness - especially when it comes to bowel cancer; yet separate studies (carried out by ourselves and Cancer Research UK) have found awareness to be "stubbornly low". In light o... [More]

The vastness that is the organisation of the NHS inevitably leads to great specialisation, presenting major challenges to co-ordinate effort. I was pleased to see moves to bring together thinking and understanding in at least two key lifestyle health areas; those of alcohol consumption and tobacco. ... [More]

Nudging behavioural change can be achieved through a number of methods: information provision; changes to the physical environment; changing the default options and application of social norms. The recent Lords Select Committee report concluded that there has been mixed success in real applicat... [More]

Since 28th February 2011, product placement on TV programmes made for UK audiences has been allowed on TV. For those not already in the know, product placement, according to Ofcom[1] is ‘when a company pays a TV channel or a programme-maker to include its products or brands in a programme. For... [More]

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