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I was in my local Asda the other day buying a lottery ticket and although I did not win millions I was pleased to see that tobacco has now been locked behind closed doors. Not a smoker myself, it still looked a bit odd to see white cupboard doors covering what was once a vibrant display of tobacco p... [More]

Since 28th February 2011, product placement on TV programmes made for UK audiences has been allowed on TV. For those not already in the know, product placement, according to Ofcom[1] is ‘when a company pays a TV channel or a programme-maker to include its products or brands in a programme. For... [More]

As an avid viewer of this years The Apprentice, it was drawn to my attention the somewhat dubious business practices which have been displayed by the candidates when conducting market research. More specifically, the methods used when researching the market for their products could be perceived as b... [More]

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