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“Charity begins at home” a phrase that can be traced back to the 12th century; today however, it appears that the UK populous is divided when it comes to the issue of whether priority should be given to supporting those in the UK or those overseas in developing countries. A recent study by NEMS Mar... [More]

A recent study we conducted among 1000 UK adults found that fewer than half (47%) of UK households celebrate Christmas Day in harmony, without any family squabbles or fallings-out. Yet, for the remainder of the UK there are two key causes of household arguments on Christmas Day – the Christmas dinn... [More]

The ever increasing popularity of Halloween in the UK means that this year more people will be taking part in Halloween-related activities than activities linked to Bonfire night - 70% Halloween, 61% Bonfire Night. A third of all UK adults are expected to be carving a pumpkin, while a quarter will ... [More]

Pie eaters often complain about the lack of meat inside their pastry encrusted cuisine. But when someone tucks into their steak pie or Melton Mowbray, how much meat should they actually expect to find in it? And how does this compare to the perception pie eaters have about how much is attributed pur... [More]

With the Economist magazine recently heralding on its cover that Britain was “sailing out of the storm”, we thought we would check how our long-running wellbeing monitor compared to such optimistic unemployment, industrial production, and economic growth (or slow-down of contraction) figures. For ... [More]

In the mid-1990's the UK's rail infrastructure went from being Government ran to being splintered into dozens of separate companies, appointed by either awarding contracts or through regulatory measures. With delegates of the recent TUC's Annual Conference (September 2012) unanimously voting in fa... [More]

The handbag should be classified as a fashion necessity for any woman, rather than a fashion accessory, since the appeal of the handbag is equal among all women. Look on any High Street and almost every woman will have a handbag; yet, the male equivalent – known as the man-bag, messenger bag or satc... [More]

32 million eggs are consumed in the UK every day (source: British Red Lion), resulting in an industry worth an estimated £885 million in retail sales - of which production is almost equally split between free range and caged hens. Yet, with such parity around the environment from which eggs a... [More]

Compared to the last two Olympic Games, 41% stated they were a lot more interested in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games; a figure which was inversely proportional to age, and unsurprisingly was seen to increase closer to London. [More]

Here at NEMS, we recently commissioned a study (among 591 alcohol drinkers across Great Britain) into what builds alcohol brand loyalty, in addition to how open they are to switching brands; the main aim being to give insight for both drinks producers and marketing agencies into the attitudes alcohol drinkers have towards brand loyalty.

This blog is a prelude to an upcoming report detailing the findings from this study.

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