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The credit crunch at the end of 2007 was the starting point of a financial meltdown in mid 2008, which later became a global recession; and now some financial experts are warning that we are heading into a "dangerous phase" and on the brink of a "double dip" recession. Since January 2002 NEMS ma... [More]

Health ministers, healthcare professionals and cancer charities are all in agreement about the importance of symptom awareness - especially when it comes to bowel cancer; yet separate studies (carried out by ourselves and Cancer Research UK) have found awareness to be "stubbornly low". In light o... [More]

The rate of obesity in children has risen in the last 15 years, with just under one in five children across England being classified as obese1 - a trait that is thought to carry on into adulthood. There are numerous factors2 to consider when thinking about the causes of obesity, ranging from a pers... [More]

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