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Have you been called by us?

NEMS Market Research is commissioned by a wide range of organisations to carry out research projects. In conducting this research we make contact with many people each year throughout the UK and rely on the goodwill and voluntary cooperation of individuals in order to carry out the research. Please find below answers to some of the common questions we are asked by members of the public regarding our telephone research.

Where did you get my telephone number from?

On most of the research studies that we conduct, telephone numbers are generated using a process known as 'random digit dialling'; this involves generating a phone number by randomly adding the last set of digits to known valid area codes, On some projects we may also check against a database of known numbers to try and match further digits to guess a slightly more precise area. Other than approximate geographical location nothing else is known about the number and may be a public phone, business or fax machine. This method of sampling is used to help ensure a representative cross-section of the public.
On some studies your contact details will have been provided by the organisation that has commissioned the research, for example a survey of members.

My telephone number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and/or BT Privacy Service to stop cold calls, so why are you calling me?

It is a legal requirement under The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (EC Directive) 2003 for organisations that are making unsolicited calls (cold calling) for sales or marketing purposes to filter those calls against the TPS register lists. There are however no legal or statutory requirements to filter calls for research purposes, as it is important on such consultation exercises that everyone has the opportunity for participation.
Our call to you was not intended to sell, market or provide details of any goods or services in any way, but to request your participation in a genuine research study. In conducting these studies it is important to ensure that those taking part are as representative as possible of the target audience being researched. To exclude individuals with TPS registered phone numbers could potentially bias the results, and also deny you the opportunity of participating in this research, the results of which may impact on policies that affect you, or products and services that you use.

For more information please see the TPS Website.

Why is my opinion important?

We work for a wide range of public sector, private sector and third (charity) sector organisations who commission research to better understand people's needs and inform the development of products, services and policies. These outcomes could affect you, and as such your views and opinions are important in helping paint a balanced representative picture.

I have further questions or a complaint regarding the contact, or would like to prevent further calls to my telephone number

If we have contacted you recently and you have specific questions or complaints regarding our telephone contact , please contact us on telephone@nemsmr.co.uk. This email address can also be used to request that we cease any further future calls to your telephone number (please remember to include the telephone number in the email).

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