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Developing a neighbourhood management strategy

A detailed study identified as a pre-requisite to the creation of Derwentside District Council’s Neighbourhood Management Strategy

Key benefits:

  • Basis for the Neighbourhood Management Strategy formed
  • Identification of priority of areas to improve

Our Assigment

As a pre-requisite for the creation of Derwentside District Council’s Neighbourhood Management Strategy, detailed research was required amongst two defined sample groupings - namely local residents and local businesses. Although the project was likely to be split into two according to the different samples, both were likely to share one common aim; to provide opinion and insight into wider neighbourhood issues such as service provision, major local concerns etc. On behalf of the Council, DTZ Pieda Consulting commissioned NEMS Market Research to carry out the extensive study in the area, aided by the supply of local addresses and companies in the pre-defined sectors.


More than 700 household and 50 business surveys were successfully completed within the specified region, providing the Client with sufficient information to draw key comparisons and conclusions.
The household study indicated areas for concern amongst local residents, communicating potential service improvements and modifications to the Client. Furthermore, indication of general satisfaction levels regarding various service provisions helped the Council to shape and align its future plans to meet and satisfy local expectation.
The business component of the research project gave Derwentside District Council a different perspective upon wider neighbourhood issues, highlighting several areas of importance as perceived solely by locally-operating organisations. The consultation of two distinct samples assisted in the dissemination and interpretation of the data, and allowed for a more balanced overall viewpoint.


The survey results provided the Client with the necessary foundation to address important issues raised in both the household and business surveys, and gave a clearer picture of specific topics which respondents felt should be prioritised in the local area.
Separation of the two defined samples at the methodology stage allowed for the ensuing analysis and interpretation of the data to take place on both an individual and collective level. As a consequence of this division / collation of data, the Client effectively gained a greater insight post-research, with the provision of a more meaningful representation in terms of end results.
As required in the initial research brief, the information derived from both studies helped to form the basis for the resulting Neighbourhood Management Strategy, and as such declared the research undertaken as an overall success.

Our Approach

In order to elicit the required information, two separate questionnaires were devised and agreed upon by NEMS and the Client; one specifically for local residents, and one for local businesses. The household survey was to be conducted face-to-face within the homes of local residents, exclusively in the Stanley Green area. These were selected using random location sampling, with interviewers assigned different starting points from which to operate, and following a ‘random walk’ method to achieve their interview quota. As stated, emphasis was placed upon analysing local attitudes and opinions; reasons supporting the choice of face-to-face interviewing as the favoured methodology.
The business survey, although also focusing upon recording views about relevant local issues, was slightly different in design and content. The questionnaire was based around more targeted and pertinent topics such as potential commercial opportunities, scope for training etc., measures which were likely to present a core from which the eventual Neighbourhood Management Strategy could be structured around. Businesses involved in the study were selected randomly from a pre-supplied database, with the resulting face-to-face interviews encompassing three main areas in the geographical region.

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