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Brand impact of a sponsored Status Quo concert

A short study assessing the effectiveness of concert sponsorship, in addition to more generalised awareness and perception issues

Key benefits:

  • Ability to assess the effectiveness of the sponsorship
  • Identified public awareness and perception of their main business activity

Our Assigment

Following their sponsorship of a large-scale concert at Ormesby Hall in the North-East of England, Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) commissioned research to examine awareness levels of their link with the event amongst people present at the Status Quo-headlined spectacle. In addition to essentially measuring advertising effectiveness, the study objectives focused upon eliciting the required data in a brief yet concise manner, with a requirement that survey participants be interviewed upon their exit from the concert immediately after Status Quo had finished playing.


A total of 300 completed questionnaires were achieved amongst people exiting the concert post-Status Quo, with less than a third (31%) recalling GNER’s connection with the event without interviewer mention. Upon hearing the name of the company, however, awareness of their sponsorship and company logo rose sharply to 82%. In addition, three-quarters of the total sample correctly recognised GNER’s main business activity (as a Train Operating Company) without prompting.


As a result of the study, GNER were able to assess the effectiveness of their sponsorship of the concert, and also public awareness and perception concerning their main business activities. Indeed, general awareness of the company’s sponsorship was high post-event, essentially branding the conducted research a success; a consequence which may lead to the consideration of similar ventures in the future.

Our Approach

A short face-to-face questionnaire was designed, agreed upon and approved to collect the data, with market research interviewers placed at all four venue exits to carry out the required research. Interviews were likely to consist of a good mix of people leaving the concert by foot, and also those using public / private transport due to the anticipated congestion upon the event’s finale.

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