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Measuring advertising effectiveness for a major garden products brand

Three-stage research assessing the relative success of an advertising campaign focusing upon 'Roundup'; a leading weedkiller brand in Monsanto's product portfolio

Key benefits:

  • Gauge increase in general awareness of the brand
  • Track long term performance of the brand versus competitors
  • Justification for sustained advertising campaign
  • Provide informative data for planning future advertising campaigns
  • A significant increase in brand awareness and usage

Our Assigment

To measure the advertising effectiveness of its sustained product-based promotional campaign, Monsanto commissioned NEMS market research to conduct a multi-faceted piece of research amongst a representative sample of residents in three, specific TV regions (Granada, Meridian and Ulster). The television-based campaign itself focused upon ‘Roundup’, an established weedkiller brand in Monsanto’s product portfolio, and the study aimed to gauge general awareness of the brand across the entirety of the advertising. In accordance, three individual sweeps were agreed upon; immediately before the campaign, immediately after the campaign, and a ‘post-post’ sweep conducted three months following the TV campaign’s completion.


A total of 3000 complete face-to-face, in-street interviews were conducted; 1250 pre-campaign consisting of 500 each in the Granada and Meridian regions, with 250 in Ulster acting as a control sample. This split was repeated for the subsequent post-campaign, while in terms of the ‘post-post’ campaign survey, 500 interviews were carried out; 250 each in the Granada and Meridian TV regions.
Results derived from the overall study were encouraging, with increases in general awareness of the product being recorded from the pre to the post-campaign in particular. In addition, respondents’ attitudes towards ‘Roundup’ also reflected significant improvements across the individual sweeps, results that can be directly attributed to the product-focused advertising Monsanto had originally commissioned.


From the results obtained from the individual and collective research, justification for Monsanto’s sustained television advertising campaign can be found in the awareness increases recorded for their ‘Roundup’ brand across the study duration. In addition, their decision to commission research to follow the success of the campaign can also be justified, with a fuller understanding of advertising effectiveness and indeed public perception of ‘Roundup’ gained as a result. The retention of this key information subsequently assisted Monsanto in planning and implementing future strategies, both for the product itself and indeed connection with their target market.

Our Approach

To conduct the agreed research, face-to-face interviewing was seen as the most appropriate method to capture the required data. As such, three similar questionnaires were designed pertaining to each of the three intended sweeps, each aiming to evaluate the success of the ‘Roundup’ promotion at different stages.
As planned, the research was conducted in-street, amongst a sample representative of the population in each of the Granada, Meridian and Ulster television regions; the latter of which did not actually air the commercials - thus acting as a ‘control sample’ to further assess the effect of the advertising.

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