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Large-scale regional retail behaviour study in Scotland

A large-scale study redefining catchment areas in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region for both convenience and comparison goods.

Key benefits:

  • Facilitated in-depth analysis of shopping habits
  • Identified success of project by adopting a planned methodical approach

Our Assigment

Intending to update previous definitions as per a past self-completion survey, NEMS Market Research was commissioned to conduct large-scale research redefining catchment areas in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region for both convenience and comparison goods. More specific objectives focused upon the assessment and evaluation of consumer behaviour, with an in-depth analysis of main grocery, top-up grocery and general non-food shopping.


More than 10,000 interviews were conducted across the nine specified regions; all respondents responsible for the main grocery shopping in their household. The large cross-section of residents forming the sample accurately represented and reflected local attitudes and habits regarding both grocery and non-food shopping.
Cross-tabulated data was provided to the Client following successful completion of the study, analysed by standard demographic breakdowns in addition to key variables including sub-regions within the researched Glasgow and Clyde Valley area.


The sheer scale of the research project, and more specifically the sample size involved, effectively ensured a greater degree of accuracy in the end results; thus aiding subsequent analysis, interpretation and critically, end user confidence.
Additionally, the adoption of a planned, methodical approach at each research stage ensured the success of the project as a whole, and meant the pre-defined schedule agreed at the outset was adhered to from beginning to completion. In terms of the Client, the implementation of this ‘system’ ensured the delivery of accurate, timely data as desired.

Our Approach

The scale of the project was such that a sample size of 10,000 was required; scope surpassing that undertaken for previous bespoke surveys. Quota requirements were derived at a postcode sector level - in proportion to the population - but adjusted to ensure that each of the nine audit areas were well represented within the results. Audit areas surveyed within the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region were as follows: South Lanarkshire, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Argyll & Bute.
Telephone interviewing was chosen to survey the large cross-section of residents in the pre-defined catchment areas; a cost-effective and speedy method aimed at interviewing the required sample and providing the Client with a fast project turnaround - from the initial questionnaire design through to provision of data tabulations and analysis.
In addition to progressing the research at the interviewing stage, pre-planning was also a key issue in terms of data processing. With a fast project turnaround a key issue, custom programs were created to generate the required data output, simplifying data flow processes and enabling the smooth transition from respondent consultation to study completion.

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