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Pre-testing advertising for a major frozen pizza brand

Pre-advertising research, aimed at shaping content to best meet the needs of both current and prospective customers

Key benefits:

  • Provided insight into key customer groups
  • Capability to focus future promotional material according to newly-specified requirements

Our Assigment

NEMS Market Research was commissioned to conduct a research project prior to a focused advertising campaign, aimed at analysing opinions and attitudes towards the planned promotional material in advance of going ‘live’. Whilst ascertaining viewpoints associated with the advertised brand, the study also aimed to investigate the likely success of both message out-take and recall from the advertisement; elements combining to refine and shape a final ‘cut’ which would best meet the needs of the intended audience.


150 complete face-to-face interviews were conducted, spread equally across three consecutive interviewing days. Tabulated data was presented to the Client post-study, cross-analysed by the demographic profile of the sample to provide an in-depth breakdown of survey results and findings.


Following the completion of the project, the Client was given extensive data with which to analyse and interpret feedback derived from the respective hall tests. This generation of responses enabled the Client not only to understand the needs and wants of key customer groups, but also to shape the forthcoming promotional material to tie in with these newly-specified requirements.
Undertaking such research pre-campaign conveyed a number of specific benefits to the Client. Indeed, actively listening to the market - and taking on-board directly-related opinions and attitudes from both current and prospective customers - allowed for the ‘soon-to-be-aired’ material to adopt a more focused, targeted approach; a platform likely to improve the chances of campaign-related success.

Our Approach

As respondent reaction to the entire advertisement was integral to the study - as opposed to previous advertising effectiveness analyses involving ‘visual stills’ - the structure of the research had a greater degree of complexity attached. To demonstrate the material to study participants, hall tests were commissioned at a suitable location where visual facilities were available, with face-to-face interviewing forming the basis for recording respondent-based feedback.
Spread across three consecutive interviewing days, quota requirements focused on specifically targeting those who were both regular purchasers of frozen pizzas, and who were responsible for the main grocery shopping in their household. A representative sample across age, gender and Socio-Economic Grouping was also sought - allowing for extensive cross-analysis following project completion - with respondents encouraged to take part with a small cash incentive offered in return for their time.
Initially, respondents were shown a ‘composite’ advertisement - a creation replicating an exact commercial break - and subsequently asked a series of questions pertaining to the material they had just seen, which involved several branded products. Following this stage, they were then shown an edited version of the commercial break, with sole focus upon a famous brand of frozen pizza - a deliberate ploy to gain greater depth in terms of perception, recall and product-specific feedback.

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