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Understanding the long-term impact on awareness of multi-wave campaign advertising

Since 2002 a well-known gardening brand has been measuring the effectiveness of its sustained product based advertising campaign. Each year an awareness study has been conducted prior to the commencement of the advertising campaign for that year and again following the campaign. Over the 8 year period in excess of 9,200 interviews have been conducted and the results have shown a number of positive effects directly attributable to the campaign.

Key benefits:

  • Gauge increase in general awareness of the brand.
  • Track long term performance of the brand versus competitors.
  • Justification for sustained advertising campaign.
  • Provide informative data for planning future advertising campaigns.
  • A significant increase in brand awareness.

Our Assigment

The client initially commissioned NEMS Market Research to conduct a pre, post and “post-post” advertising effectiveness study with the stated aim of gauging the “general awareness of the brand across the entirety of the advertising”. However once the benefits of the research were realised the client re-commissioned the research and have continued to do so every year since. The aim is still, primarily, to gauge general awareness of the brand but, running in tandem with this, the project is continuously tracking the effectiveness of the advertising campaign in increasing that general level of awareness as well as comparing against leading competitors.


Over the course of the study the client has consistently had the highest annual uplift in unprompted brand awareness. The average increase year on year has been half again as high as the market leading brand, and further clear of any competitor brand. At prompted level the average uplift in awareness has been over double that of the market leader.
Early on, retention of awareness was identified as an issue with the client having far more annual awareness decay between waves, however as the project has progressed this has been addressed with the decay figures decreasing or remaining stationary year on year.
Certain other brands were tracked along with the clients brand for comparative purposes. Over the eight year period the client has enjoyed an increase in unprompted brand awareness virtually identical, in terms of proportion of population, to the market leading brand, and significantly greater than any other brand.


The figures have shown us that the client has established itself, very comfortably, as the second strongest brand in the market, both in terms of brand awareness and brand usage.
By gauging long term awareness and performance against other brands on the market the client has been able to target their advertising campaigns appropriately and carve out a substantial portion of the market for themselves.
The tracking of these metrics has provided substantial justification for the sustained advertising campaign and, as such, the client has continued with it.

Our Approach

The study has always been conducted via face to face interviewing to enable the use of visual prompts.
An average of 575 interviews has been conducted at each pre campaign stage and an average of 585 has been conducted on each post campaign. To ensure representative data has been collected the interviewing has been conducted across the various ITV regions to ensure a good spread of respondent.

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