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Customer satisfaction, behaviour & experience

Understanding your customers and non-customers is fundamental. We’ll advise you on the most efficient research methodology, from our very cost-effective national omnibus to detailed face-to-face interviews and focus groups to develop accurate consumer insight and produce customer profiling and segmentation that transcends simple demographics.
Why do consumers behave and make the choices they do? We can help you develop understanding of behaviour through insightful research techniques.
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For example ...

Since 2009, we have conducted a number of studies into the issue of Illicit Tobacco. This seemingly harmless product undermines smoking cessation health campaigns as well as depriving the country of tax revenues. By promoting the harm that IT can do to communities, it is hoped that public opinion will change and make IT socially unacceptable. Successive campaigns have been shown to work but this has taken in excess of 8 years.

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