All that time for relaxation and inner tranquillity as we…..QUEUE: at check-in, baggage collection, passport control, hire car collection, coach transfer, road works…

The joy of summer holidays! Those two carefree weeks we spend months dreaming of willing the time at work away. Geoff’s never taken a holiday, so we thought we’d give him a virtual one by asking a representative sample of the UK population about theirs.

Head and shoulders above all else that we dread is the journey. Something Geoff, with his sturdy walking boots, whose never been to an airport or driven on a motorway can’t grasp. But enough of the negatives, we Brits are world class queuers and proud of our quietly simmering stiff upper lips.

After all, haven’t we all spent the winter crouched over glamorous brochures and been mesmerised by the travel agent’s descriptions of the Nirvana our average spend per person of £695.71 will buy us? Maybe twenty years ago. These two stalwarts of the holiday plan are now the main influence on holiday choice of less than 10%, with the under 34s half this number.

So, in this age of everything being everywhere on the net you’d be forgiven for expecting digital sources to provide our summer adventurers with their holiday choices. Not quite, even amongst savvy (Richard’s favourite word) 16-34 year olds online sources only account for 20% of destination choice.

Overwhelmingly, we Brits choose to follow the recommendation of friends and family, a whopping 43% of those tearaway youngsters, or go to places we have been to before. And that might explain all those queues…

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