The UK drinks industry has strict guidelines on how their products are advertised, with calls from health lobbyists for even stronger rules for the advertising of alcoholic beverages[1].

Despite this strict legislation, the industry spends around £800 million per year on alcohol promotion and advertising for an industry with a consumer expenditure figure of £40.7 billion.

Therefore, establishing and maintaining a loyal consumer base is becoming ever more paramount for existing and future alcohol beverages (for both in-home consumption and when out socially).

Our research found that two primary factors influence brand loyalty among alcohol drinkers:

(a) Where the majority of their consumption takes place

(b) What they drink, which is further influenced by gender

Unsurprisingly, in terms of consumption, males dominated the beer market and females the wine market (although males factored more in the wine market than females did in the beer market).

There were almost equal proportions of drinkers who mostly drank in-home or drank socially elsewhere (i.e. pub, bar, club), with wine drinkers out-numbering beer drinkers in-home and the reverse being true among social drinkers.

While wine drinkers recorded the same level of brand loyalty when both in-home and elsewhere, beer drinkers were nearly twice as loyal when drinking socially as opposed to when drinking in the home (where loyalty was no different to that recorded for wine drinkers).

 Breakdown of brand loyalty among wine and beer drinkers:     494 drinkers of wine/beer


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