Click and collect: convenient for the shopper, but is it an opportunity being missed by the retailer? 

A bit like hover-boards (which Geoff firmly believed he’d be skimming along the byways of Billingham to KFC by now) it would seem we’re still a good few years off a sky full of drones delivering our online orders within minutes to wherever we might be. Until that dream becomes a reality there’s still a healthy majority who still use shops both in the old fashioned way, actually shopping in them, and, increasingly, to collect their online shopping from.

Geoff was too disconsolate about his hover-board to conduct this survey, but Richard, who first won his retailing spurs as the Hovis delivery boy, took on the task of wheeling the questions out on NEMS’ twice weekly national omnibus. 

It turns out we’re a busy, impatient lot. Next day delivery’s not quick enough for 12% and even if it were 28% say there’s no one at home anyway. The upshot is that 48% of us use click and collect. Men, lazily, use it less than women with only 22% preferring to click and collect in comparison to 45% of women.   

Could it be women enjoy shopping more and collections give them an opportunity to get out and browse? Fact is they’re coming back to the high street more frequently because of click and collect only to be confronted by a utilitarian collection counter reminiscent of the 1970’s (Richard’s convinced they’re all situated next to the loos!). That’s harsh but, as people re-emerge into  our shops there’s a huge opportunity to turn that collection into an active, digital free, human interaction – shopping trip. So there’s hope yet for the old fashioned shop, although sadly for Geoff getting there on his hover-board may be a lost dream.  

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