In 1994 my uncle asked me what I thought of the internet. Without hesitation I said it would never catch on.

With this level of insight, you might be surprised that ‘online research’ has become an important methodology to NEMS.

There are of course those who’d have you believe that online self-completion surveys in the comfort of the respondents’ home or office has made all other forms of research redundant. That’s nearly as accurate as my 1994 prediction.

We still use methodologies such as telephone, in street, at home, focus groups and hall testing. They continue to be relevant and effective. It’s down to all the ‘old fashioned’ checks and balances we’ve always applied when gauging the most effective methodology to achieve the most accurate data within a given budget.

Online research can be a very appropriate methodology for many reasons, but it’s always prudent to remember that all methodologies have pros and cons. However, leaving that aside, survey design and interpretive analysis are the fundamentals of good research. Ignore this and it will make a monkey out of the data.

This is where we can help, our experience and expertise will run rings rounds any chimp.

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