With just under 4 million members, the National Trust is a familiar name that has a long history. The National Trust brand is synonymous with heritage and quality and offers potential for development through extension into other product areas. This is being done through a Partner Product scheme. But what do the general public make of the idea?

While non-members are less likely to have a view on National Trust endorsed products, for those who do, it is very positive, indeed almost as positive as that of members. Interestingly, the impact on perceptions has a two-way effect; the Trust brand values of trust and quality are clearly transferred to the products, while there is a return benefit to the parent brand of enhancing its image of supporting local farmers. While still scoring well on value for money, some do see the products as expensive (see table below):

Around one in eight of us have ever bought such Trust products, almost a third of members and, perhaps surprisingly, 7% of those who have never been members, with preserves and biscuits being the most popular items (I’m sure many of us have a jar or packet lurking in the back of the store cupboard).

While the synergistic benefits are clearly evident, their full potential are perhaps not being reached, with awareness levels being modest; around half of members and about a fifth of non-members.

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