Our research echoes BBC viewing figures for the Olympics, which reported that around 90% of the UK population tuned in to watch Olympic coverage at some point during the event.

Six out of ten adults sampled were in agreement that there had been too much pre-opening ceremony negative press (such as security concerns, cost and disruption) about London hosting the Olympic Games

The majority of respondents (85%) felt the Games would hopefully inspire young people to be more active (of which 58% felt strongly about such a statement).

Compared to the last two Olympic Games, 41% stated they were a lot more interested in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games; a figure which was inversely proportional to age, and unsurprisingly was seen to increase closer to London. Yet half of those sampled were in strong agreement about London 2012 Olympic Games being good for the UK as a whole.

Among a random sample of 1000 GB adults, aged 16+ (conducted via telephone).

Weighted to be representative of Census 2001 population figures