We’ve all seen the eye-catching promotions on the shelf-edge in the supermarkets. Buy one get one free!

Well, it would be rude not too, it’s almost too good to be true especially with all this inflationary talk. However, in the next aisle your favourite product has been reduced and you don’t have to buy two or more. Which do we generally prefer?

The truth is we would rather just buy a single item at a lower unit cost rather than buying twice the quantity we planned on buying before entering the shop.

In fact, our research suggests that a buying a single item at a lower unit cost is three times more popular than multibuy discounts. Aside from minimising food waste (7 million tonnes / £12.5bn and counting), I guess it’s easier for us to understand, we can buy as many of the discounted items as we like, so long as the price reduction is better than the 1p off the bottle of whisky I spotted in a supermarket …. 


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