We’re out shopping in the shops, great. Footfall is what the retailers are wanting, get us into the shops and we’ll start responding to the (hopefully) good merchandising and by that I mean buying. But just a minute, before pulling the trigger on that purchase, we want to make sure we’re not being ripped off. Technology to the rescue; smartphones are our weapon of choice.


Nearly half of us are quite happy to shamelessly check in store to see if a prospective purchase can be done cheaper on the internet

Surprise surprise most of the time it’s cheaper online. Nevertheless, more often than not we’re still keen to complete the purchase in store. Therefore, either the price difference isn’t enough or we would rather have our goods immediately in our hands rather than wait for Yodel, Hermes, etc to knock at the door of our empty house (when we’re out at work!).

How can retailers best harness this? Surely by maximising the advantages of buying in store. Stock the items we want to buy and ensure they are in stock when we want to buy them. Make the purchasing experience as pleasant as possible (or if that’s unrealistic, make it as painless as possible). Offer something that online shopping can’t offer, namely, good, personal service. How hard can it be?

This won’t stop us from buying online but it might just make us more inclined to buy from a store that offers something better than just the lowest price.

For more information go to data tables in our Public Opinion online data sets or contact Richard Lindsay.

This public opinion data has been collected and analysed by NEMS from a survey of representative sample of UK adults conducted through NEMS Market Research’s telephone omnibus, a national survey of 1000 adults conducted every week.

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