According to our research, as a nation almost all of us recycle to some extent nowadays. We do so because we think it’s environmentally friendly, it saves landfill and makes best use of the earth’s finite resources. 

Our survey found that we would recycle more but we are confused. We don’t always know what can and cannot be recycled. Although most packaging depicts symbols indicating if it can be recycled surely it could be easier than having to look for a small icon. And what about the packaging which doesn’t have any information with regard to whether it can be recycled or not.

Local authorities could do more to help us too. We would recycle more if we had larger recycling bins. Therefore, although there would be a one off capital cost, in the longer term hopefully greater recycling would be cost effective and help council’s hit their recycling targets.

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This public opinion data has been collected and analysed by NEMS from a survey of representative sample of UK adults conducted through NEMS Market Research’s telephone omnibus, a national survey of 1000 adults conducted every week.

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