So although according to our research 5% of us never eat out at either a pub, café or restaurant, that still leaves 95% of who do. Is the continental culture of eating out now entrenched in the UK’s behaviour? 

Possibly so. Yes, the café (or caff) is a British institution, not least for its Full English Breakfasts and whilst still popular it is losing out to other establishments. We are now a nation of restaurant-goers; according to our research, nowadays 56% of adults eat out at a restaurant at least once a month.

And if that’s a little bit esoteric then bring on the pub lunch - 43% us eat at the pub at least once a month (are the pickled eggs & pork pies making way for scampi-in-a-basket and chicken kievs…?). The popularity of eating at pubs is slightly higher than the 41% UK adults who go to a café at least once a month.

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This public opinion data has been collected and analysed by NEMS from a survey of representative sample of UK adults conducted through NEMS Market Research’s telephone omnibus, a national survey of 1000 adults conducted every week.

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