We appear to be a nation of recyclers, according to our research 95% of us recycle and we’re recycling more than a year ago. We like the idea of recycling; it’s environmentally friendly, it saves using up landfill and we would recycle more if it was easier.

So where do the bags handed out by the supermarkets fit it in with all this, the so called Single Use Carrier Bag? If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then not at all, you will either be buying them or bringing your own bags. You’ll be thinking that you are being environmentally friendly, you may also think that you're saving using up landfill and even think that you’re leading the way ahead of the English.

Whereas if you’re English then as I write this in September 2015, Single Use Carrier Bags are currently given away free of charge with the shopping and a third of the English are oblivious to the forthcoming legislation that will ban this practice from 5 October 2015. After then the evidence suggests the English will change their behaviour to match the rest of the country and bring their own bags.

The irony is that the Single Use Carrier Bag isn’t quite that, i.e. they are not single use, we reuse them for the rubbish. With the ready availability of these bags gone we will be forced to buy rolls of brand new ones (which will truly be single use) and delude ourselves that we’re being environmentally friendly.

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If you would like more information about Single Use Carrier Bags the following link will provide you with some light reading:

Single Use Carrier Bag legislation

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