More than one in two households have at least one pet with dogs the most popular. But do they realise how lucky they are – 74% of these mutts will be receiving a Christmas present from their doting owner. 

So who is next in the Christmas countdown to be on the receiving end of a present. Rodents have managed to burrow their way into second position with 71% of these small furry friends likely to get a gift.

Cats have just managed to scrape into third position – 52% should be unwrapping some sort of present but they only just nicked it.

Amazingly 51% of fish will find something splashing into their aquatic world this yuletide!

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This public opinion data has been collected and analysed by NEMS from a survey of representative sample of UK adults conducted through NEMS Market Research’s telephone omnibus, a national survey of 1000 adults conducted every week.


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