Build more houses please but just not near me!

There’s a housing shortage. We hear it with such regularity that we believe it without questioning it. However, when we asked the nation they stated that the choice of houses to rent was good, the choice of houses to buy was also rated as good. This was the case irrespective of geography, all areas had a net positive ‘good’ rating.

So, there isn’t a housing shortage after all?

Not quite. What there is, is a shortage of housing that people can afford in some parts of the country.

If you live north of the Midlands, affordability to buy is still good. The rental market is a bit patchier but generally the further south you go the less affordable rental properties become.

Although a solutioncould be for people to move away from pricier areas to more affordable regions, this is going to be a bit of a faff especially if it means moving away from jobs, family and friends.

Clearly affordability will improve once supply starts to outweigh demand meaning that more homes need to be built. However, here’s a factor contributing to the supply gap; two thirds of us believe more should be done to try and improve the affordability of housing to buy in our local area but only half of us are supportive of this being achieved by building more homes. NIMBYism springs to mind. With this level of opposition there’s bound to be a drag on the planning process.

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This public opinion data has been collected and analysed by NEMS from a survey of a representative sample of UK adults conducted through NEMS Market Research’s telephone omnibus, a national survey of 1000 adults conducted every week. More details of our services can be found at and