Health ministers, healthcare professionals and cancer charities are all in agreement about the importance of symptom awareness - especially when it comes to bowel cancer; yet separate studies (carried out by ourselves and Cancer Research UK) have found awareness to be "stubbornly low". In light of this the Government is launching a national campaign (the first of its kind) which aims to increase symptom awareness, resulting in saving around 5000 lives over the next four years. The campaign is built on the success of results from pilot campaigns in the South West and East of England, which found that:

  • 48% increase in the number of people who visited their GP with symptoms
  • Campaign recognition was high with 75% of the public stating they had seen the advertising
  • Overwhelming support for the campaign from both the public (96%) and GPs (89%), believing it was important

  • In addition to this, the Department of Health is also launching a new regional campaign around symptom awareness of lung cancer (the UK's biggest cancer killer) with the hope of saving 1300 lives per year.

    NEMS market research was integral in the evaluation of the Central South Bowel Cancer Campaign, conducting the pre and post campaign research among 50-74 year olds across Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Hampshire; the findings from which will be covered in a case study to follow in the coming months.