I was in my local Asda the other day buying a lottery ticket and although I did not win millions I was pleased to see that tobacco has now been locked behind closed doors. Not a smoker myself, it still looked a bit odd to see white cupboard doors covering what was once a vibrant display of tobacco products with only a sign across the doors to read ‘Tobacco on sale here’.

The Government are obviously very keen to reduce the up-take of smoking among young people and reduce smoking prevalence among all adults with the many campaigns over the years and research studies into the affects smoking has on everyone’s health whether primary or second-hand smoking.

More recently, control measures were suggested to North West residents in a study NEMS Market Research conducted for Smokefree North West; a collaborative programme supported by North West PCT’s which helps to support local tobacco control activities and implement regional and national tobacco control plans at a local level. These measures included plain packaging on all tobacco products which the Government are still considering; removal of vending machines that sell tobacco products; and of course removal all tobacco products from view in all shops. Each suggested control measure received considerable levels of support and now the latter is becoming the norm in larger stores with the regulation coming into force long-term April 2012 for all larger stores and April 2015 for all other shops, it will interesting to see the effects that this has on smoking prevalence.