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Richard Lindsay


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A selection of testimonials:

“Provided helpful advice on the content of the survey in order to maximise its effectiveness. Survey produced on time and on budget. Excellent service.”
Rob Shrimplin, - Shrimplin Brown

“NEMS were very easy to work with and provided our team with exactly the survey support we needed in a timely, efficient and professional way.”
John Hitchin, - Renaisi

“Many thanks for your excellent work”
Catherine Worbouys, - Curtin & Co

“NEMS have provided an excellent, well structured and competitive service. We will certainly be using them again.”
Jayshree Patel, - Walsingham Planning

“Cannot fault service. Results delivered ahead of agreed programme.”
Chris Hays, - White Young Green

“Great job, needed a very fast turnaround - and received all tables not just top-line in record time.”
Nicole ten Thij, - Cai Shen

“NEMS provided a prompt, courteous and accommodating service throughout the course of the project. I would definitely recommend them.”
Simon Kendrick, - ITV

A selection of recent projects I have worked on:

Evaluation of the NHS 'Choose Well' campaign
In 2009, a two-stage research project (pre & post campaign), aimed at measuring the reaction following the NHS’ ‘Choose Well’ advertising campaign was conducted. Their campaign was aimed at encouraging members of the public to choose the NHS service appropriate for their needs when they become ill. Over 2000 interviews were conducted and the results identified that comprehension of the message was strong and it reached around half the target audience.
Impact of sponsorship on a major public arts event
As part of Durham’s City of Culture bid, a festival of light called Lumiere took place in Durham in 2009. This research study was to gauge perceptions of the sponsors’ involvement and determine whether they could position themselves as a leading enabler of public art and public participation in the arts in addition to evaluating the sponsor. Over 800 face to face interviews were conducted and the results identified a positive outcome towards the sponsor and an opportunity to achieve a high profile in the market place.
Understanding the long-term impact on awareness of multi-wave campaign advertising
Since 2002 a well-known gardening brand has been measuring the effectiveness of its sustained product based advertising campaign. Each year an awareness study has been conducted prior to the commencement of the advertising campaign for that year and again following the campaign. Over the 8 year period in excess of 9,200 interviews have been conducted and the results have shown a number of positive effects directly attributable to the campaign.
Developing a neighbourhood management strategy
A detailed study identified as a pre-requisite to the creation of Derwentside District Council’s Neighbourhood Management Strategy
Impact of special offers on train tickets
Research assessing the performance of a targeted, GNER promotional campaign, together with specific service feedback from on-board customers
Brand impact of a sponsored Status Quo concert
A short study assessing the effectiveness of concert sponsorship, in addition to more generalised awareness and perception issues
Measuring advertising effectiveness for a major garden products brand
Three-stage research assessing the relative success of an advertising campaign focusing upon 'Roundup'; a leading weedkiller brand in Monsanto's product portfolio
Evaluating local road safety issues
Localised research assessing the relative merits of three proposed modifications to traffic management and associated safety
Large-scale regional retail behaviour study in Scotland
A large-scale study redefining catchment areas in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region for both convenience and comparison goods.
Pre-testing advertising for a major frozen pizza brand
Pre-advertising research, aimed at shaping content to best meet the needs of both current and prospective customers

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