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Steve Gibson

Research Executive

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I graduated from the University of Gloucester with a BA in History & Religion.
In 2001 I joined EM Financial as a Mortgage Desk Manager; responsible for the management and motivation of a team of specialist mortgage underwriters.
Having been in the mortgage industry for a number of years I decided to becoming involved in a sector I had always been interested and intrigued by, namely market research. I joined NEMS in 2008, and am currently a Research Executive.
My main area of specialism is housing research and head up this sector within the research team. I have considerable experience in questionnaire design which embraces both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. A keen eye for detail, with expertise in both data processing and analysing survey information.

A selection of recent projects I have worked on:

Evaluating the requirements for new rural housing
In 2011 NEMS Market Research conducted a housing survey in Hildenborough Parish in Tonbridge & Malling District. The survey was to assess whether households (or anyone within them) were looking to move within the next 3 years, together with residents opinions on local housing needs.
Residents' opinions about new local housing
Proposals for new housing in a large rural village had recently been approved by Shropshire council; however details about the number of homes and the size or scale of the development had yet to be approved by county planners. Some residents had objected to the plans, with a number of villagers signing a petition against the proposal, also the local parish council were opposed to the site being developed, stating that the village had already filled its housing quota.
Determining the key drivers of tenants' satisfaction
Four London housing associations wanted to improve the quality of service they offer to their shared owners. Just over 1600 interviews (primarily telephone) were completed among their shared owners. The results and statistical analysis provided a detailed understanding of the key components of services that impact on satisfaction levels, enabling the focus of effort for a strategy to deliver increased levels of satisfaction.
Measuring housing needs and migration
Extensive study adopting various methodologies to examine local housing market and migration trends
Developing a neighbourhood management strategy
A detailed study identified as a pre-requisite to the creation of Derwentside District Council’s Neighbourhood Management Strategy

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