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Accurate quantitative data & analysis

Use our omnibus research platform which interviews 1,000 people every week, or commission a dedicated market research survey using our UK face to face interview team. We create questionnaires that prompt honest answers, engaging interviewers and carefully select interviewees to produce marketing data and analysis to steer your strategy.

Telephone: fast, efficient and revealing

Let's face it everyone is using the same basic technology, so, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is only as good as the team actually conducting the interviews. Our team is motivated and well trained and our interview technique highly tuned to the interviewee's attention span. Interviews are engaging and kept succinct, as a result the answers we get tend to be well considered and truthful.

Some things need to be said Face to Face

Not just said, but explained and maybe even demonstrated. Face to face interviewing, whether it’s on the street, in someone’s home, or in a hall, is an exceptionally accurate and reliable means of gathering experiential, detailed data. Our 1,000 plus field team covers the whole of the UK and gather data quickly and accurately.

We handle everything for you, from questionnaire design, sampling etc through to final results.

  • In street
    Ideal for short (less than 10 minute) interviews
    Experienced at achieving specific quota requirements for your target audience/market

  • In home
    Ideal for longer interviews (up to 40 minutes)
    Can target accurately by geography
    Can incorporate more complex questioning

  • Hall testing
    Ideal for complex tasks/questioning
    Useful for showing/testing/tasting concepts
    Can incorporate multiple tasks and semi-qualitative
    On-street recruitment for halls by experienced fieldworkers, achieving specific quota requirements for your target audience/market

Online: give them time to think

Often a questionnaire is less daunting when the respondent has time to mull things over in the comfort of their own home, or office. Just like any other type of survey NEMS manage the process from design of the questionnaire, how it looks (remembering it's got to 'sell itself'), respondent motivations, questionnaire delivery, including the response mechanic to final data collation, analysis and reporting.

Online market research, like all research methodologies, has advantages and disadvantages. If each are understood it can be a very good way to conduct a quantitative research study.

Often used to conduct surveys among a representative sample of the adult population, it is also particularly effective if you are wanting to know the views and opinions of a niche audience where using other methodologies would be cost prohibitive, due to looking for needles in haystacks etc.

As well as providing traditional knowledge and insight, online surveys now also allow for the inclusion of images, video, audio and animation so they can be ideal for testing new concepts all at an affordable cost.

With a panel with over 150000 UK adults we can quickly and efficiently reach your target audience. Questionnaires submitted by panellists are checked for quality, in other words we check to see how long they take to complete the questionnaire and the way they answer the questions; any speeders / straightliners are removed.

Our significant expertise in designing and scripting your questionnaire ensures the maximum amount of information is obtained from each person taking part in your survey.

We host the survey on a secure server which ensures your data is not accessible by a third party. It also means we can make last minute changes and edits to the scripting, thereby offering flexibility and shorter timescales.

All this combined with our proven skills in data processing and providing easy-to-read data tables ensures the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

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