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NEMS was founded in 1981. We’ve grown over the years to become expert in all market research methodologies. Our team of interviewers and analysts have influenced strategy and policy in most commercial and public sectors in the UK with the data they have collected and the recommendations they have suggested.

Richard Lindsay - Director

Graduate in International Business Studies from Liverpool University, and IPAG Ecole de Commerce, Nice. Richard started working at NEMS in 1993 and has been a Director since 2000 and has specialist knowledge of retail studies for the private and public sector. Other areas of experience are housing and social market research studies.
Certified Member of the Market Research Society.


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Martin Hunt - Director

Martin has been a Director since 2003 and in that time has overseen the development of the company’s significant expansion and the consequent demands on IT and communication systems. Martin has substantial experience in software development and is responsible for the data analysis and presentation of survey information.


Paul Murray - Research Manager

Paul has been with NEMS since 2003 and in that time has built up a wealth of experience in data processing, analysis of survey information and client management. Paul is responsible for the management and development of the NEMS nationwide Omnibus service and Wellbeing Monitor. Specific expertise in health and planning research.
Associate Member of the Market Research Society.


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Steve Gibson - Research Executive

Graduate of Gloucester University. Steve started his market research career first as a telephone interviewer before using this experience working client-side. Experienced in the setting up, processing and analysis of household surveys. Specialising in research into the housing sector.


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Simon Metcalf - Research Executive

Simon’s first stint at NEMS began in 2002 before moving overseas. After returning to the UK in 2012 Simon resumed his career where he is heavily involved in the setting up and delivery of our online and internet research services.


Scott Ayling - Research Executive

Scott began working at NEMS as a telephone interviewer before changing tack to work client-side. Scott is responsible for the day to day management of projects and their successful delivery as well as looking after Research Team support.


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